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Our firm assist Canadian company to meet their human resources need by assisting them in recruiting foreign worker and processing the application to meet the Federal government requirement in recruiting foreign workers.

In recent years Canada is facing huge shortage of worker and federal government has initiated several programs which will allow Canadian employer to hire foreign workers.

In recent years we assisted several Canadian employers. Here is the partial list:

Project management company in oil industry in Alberta and Quebec;
Construction company in Quebec;
Temple in Quebec; (13 construction worker from India)
Restaurant in Saskatchewan
Garage in Toronto;
Construction equipment rental company in Mississauga;
Software company with specialization in Telecommunication industry;
Software company with specialization in SAP – energy sector;
Software company in Quebec;
Software company in Chicago, USA & Ontario, Canada;
Machining company in Saskatchewan
Live-In-Care givers for many Canadian families;
CNC Machinist for machine company in Hamilton, ON;
CNC Machinist for machining company in Alberta and Saskatchewan;
Diesel Mechanic for construction equipment company in Toronto ON;
Refrigeration Mechanic in Refrigeration repair company in Whitehorse, Yokon;
CNC Machinist for manufacture of Oilfield and Mining products in Alberta;
Refrigerator Repair Person, Prescott, ON;
Fashion designer for garment company in Quebec;
Cook for Indian restaurant in Ontario;
Cook for a restaurant in Northern Ontario;
Cook for restaurant in Saskatchewan;
Pig farm worker for Manitoba farm;
Pig farm worker for Southern Ontario;
Software company in Ontario and Texas, USA;

For Canadian companies - Is your company facing shortage of workers? Take a look at our online presentation and see how our firm can assist you in solving this problem.

Our firm provides international recruitment, placement and consulting services including obtaining approvals from the Government of Canada to bring foreign workers into Canada.

For professionals and foreign workers - we provide services to find jobs in Canada by matching your skills and preferences with requirements of prospective employers in Canada. Our firm also processes HRSDC approval applications, work visa applications and permanent immigration applications. We also provide relocation service to relocate in Montreal, Quebec. We provide one stop service for executives relocating to Montreal either with family or without family including housing, schooling, completing government formalities, visa and immigration etc.

Corporate Immigration Portal - The links of various countries provided on this web site will assist companies to obtain information pertaining to establishing business in these countries, obtaining the necessary visas and transferring executives and professionals from one country to another. 

Our firm is well positioned to fulfill today's growing demands of professionals and business persons. We are associated with a number of law firms and consulting firms around the world to facilitate the process of executive transfer and meet corporate immigration and visa requirements of our corporate clients and at the same time cater to the needs of our professional clients.

Resume improvement and job search services:

Canada immigration for skilled / professional workers have under gone drastic change in last several years.

Before November 2008 immigration was open for all occupations which were on NOC skill set of O, A & B level. In November 2008 it was reduced to 39 occupations and as of 26th June 2010 now it is reduced to 29 occupations . Now also there is a cap of 1000 applicant per occupation per year and maximum up to 20,000 skilled worker under Federal skilled worker program.

Canadian provides for mainly foreigners to immigrate to Canada in four different ways.

1. Foreign skilled worker class :- Application’s occupation should be on 29 occupation list , must have 12 months of minimum experience is same or similar higher level occupation and necessary IELTS English language score.

2. Arranged Offer of Employment:- If applicant’s occupation is not on this list , applicant must have job offer form Canadian employer which is validated by labour department of Canada. (HRSDC)

3. Canada Experience class: - If applicant has worked in Canada for 2 years in high level job or studied for 2 years in Canada (program should be of 2 years) will receive three years work permit in their own field or similar high level in Canada, has necessary IELTS score , this applicant can apply for immigration of Canada from within Canada.

4. All Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), immigration for skilled worker is only possible if applicant has job offer from the Canadian employers or relative / friend to sponsor.

These categories makes it clear that most applicants will need job offer from Canada to apply and receive permanent immigration of Canada.

Our firm assist foreign worker in applying to the right company in Canada for job offer which can be for temporary work permit or permanent job offer from Canada. We charge very nominal fees for these services as we provide genuine services and we do not pay to employers to get a job offer.

Once job offer is received , we charge regular fees for processing LMO And  Work Permit approval and visa application.

We guarantee 100% refund in the event your visa is not issued except initial resume submission fees.


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