We are a firm providing international recruitment, placement and consulting services. As Canada is facing a huge shortage of workers, our firm assists Canadian companies to identify and hire foreign workers. On the other hand, we also help highly skilled workers and professionals in finding employment in Canada under occupation categories that are in demand in Canada. Our firm thus assists in establishing employer - employee relationships between Canadian employers and foreign employees.

We are among the few recruitment companies in Canada that specialize in processing of work permit applications, which includes obtaining HRSDC approval, known as Labor Market Opinion or job validation, and work visa approval. The global nature of our business and its rapid expansion has been possible due to strong alliances with other companies who share our vision. We are looking for affiliates within Canada and outside Canada who wish to join us and benefit mutually.

As mentioned earlier, Canada is going to face shortage of more than 1 million workers in the next 10 years and international recruitment is a completely untapped market in Canada. If you are a recruiter based in Canada with experience in recruitment and placement and interested in becoming part of our firm, please contact us by  email  with your resume. 

To expand our business, we are looking for associates. If you are located outside Canada and offer recruitment and placement services, immigration services or education services to students for higher studies outside your home country, this can be an ideal opportunity for you. Send us your company details along with the necessary contact details by  email


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