We provide Canada immigration services to match your Canadian Immigration needs.

Assess your Canadian immigration eligibility for free
Before you retain our Canada immigration services, we offer:

Personalized assessments of your qualifications
Email responses to your inquiries
Telephone discussion with our law firm

Facilitate your Application Process
Once you retain our Canada immigration services, we will:

Determine your Canadian immigration category
Prepare, perfect and submit your application
Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office
Prepare you for your personal interview
Track your application until your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa is issued

Address your Concerns and Provide Solutions
Finding Work in Canada
Canadian Immigration Application Processing Times
Canadian Immigration Process
Proving Work Experience
Proving English Language Ability

Provide you with Work in Canada Tools and Resources
Job Search Tool
Canada Resume Builder
Career Coaching Tools
Work Permit Services

Provide you with our Canada Work Permit Services
Verification of the job offer's eligibility
Preparation and submission of your application
Communicate with the appropriate government office
Track your application until your Canada Work Permit is issued

Help you with any Immigration Problems
Medical Inadmissibility
Criminal Inadmissibility
Application Refusal
Long Delays

Ease your Settlement in Canada
To help you with your settlement in Canada, we will:

Provide you with our Canada Job Search Tool and our employment resources
Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry
Explain your Canadian Residency obligations
Advise you about Canadian Citizenship 


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